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♦ Why deep learning is a part of Machine learning

With time, ML and deep learning are both types of AI. We can say that Machine Learning is AI that can automatically adapt with minimal human interference. Deep learning is the branch of ML that uses artificial neural networks to mimic the learning process of the human mind. Six Industries Inc can help with these services.

Furthermore, the models are easy to build but require more human interaction to make better predictions. Deep learning models are difficult to build as they use complex multilayered neural networks but they can learn by themselves.

♦ Growing Technology and ML

It is a part of artificial intelligence and growing technology that enables machines to learn from past data and perform a given task automatically.

Moreover, the popular applications of ML are Email spam filtering, Artificial Intelligence labs,  product recommendations, online fraud detection, etc.

» How does Machine Learning work?

The working of machine learning models can be understood by the example of identifying the image of a cat or dog.

However, the ML model takes images of both cats and dogs as input, extracts the different features of images such as shape, height, nose, eyes, etc, applies the classification algorithm, and predicts the output.

1. Deep learning Process

It is the subset of machine learning or can be said as a special kind of machine learning. It works technically in the same way as machine learning does, but with different capabilities and approaches.

Furthermore, It is inspired by the functionality of human brain cells, which are called neurons, and leads to the concept of artificial neural networks. It is also called a deep neural network or deep neural learning.

2. Medical Research Methodology

Cancer researchers are using deep learning to automatically detect cancer cells. Teams at UCLA built an advanced microscope that yields a high-dimensional data set used to train a deep learning application.

Moreover, Healthcare programs are beneficial in every aspect of life.

3. Industrial Automation Procedure

Deep learning is helping to improve worker safety around heavy machinery by automatically detecting when people or objects are within an unsafe distance of machines.

4. Electronics and Technical Optimization

It is being used in automated hearing and speech translation. For example, home assistance devices that respond to your voice and know your preferences are powered by deep learning applications.

However, Devices like Mobile, and computers. All are connected to Augmented reality labs and Extended reality labs.

5. What are neural networks used for?

Neural networks have several use cases across many industries, such as the following:

      •  Medical diagnosis by medical image classification

      •  Targeted marketing by social network filtering and behavioral data analysis

      •  Financial predictions by processing historical data of financial instruments

      •  Electrical load and energy demand forecasting

      •  Process and quality control


6. Computer vision

This is the ability of computers to extract information and insights from images and videos. With neural networks, Encryption labs can distinguish and recognize images similar to humans.

Computer vision has several applications, such as the following:

      •  Visual recognition in self-driving cars so they can recognize road signs and other road users

      •  Content moderation to automatically remove unsafe or inappropriate content from image and video archives

      •  Facial recognition to identify faces and recognize attributes like open eyes, glasses, and facial hair


7. Speech recognition

Neural networks can analyze human speech despite varying speech patterns, pitch, tone, language, and accent. Virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and automatic transcription software use speech recognition to do tasks like these:

      •  Assist call center agents and automatically classify calls

      •  Convert clinical conversations into documentation in real-time


8. Are deep learning and machine learning the same?

No, they are not the same. As we’ve discussed earlier, they both are the subfields of AI and deep learning is the subset of machine learning. Machine learning algorithms work only on structured data.

However, If the data is unstructured then humans have to perform the step of feature engineering. On the other hand, Deep learning can work amazingly.

9. Why is deep learning popular now?

This is helping so many AI developers nowadays. Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence irrespective of the knowledge they have about AI.

10. Key Features

The popularity of deep learning is mainly because of the following two reasons:

      •  Over the years we have accumulated a huge amount of data to process and our traditional ML models are not capable of handling that. 


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