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The Pandemic and Emergency Management System

It protects communities by coordinating and integrating all activities necessary to build, sustain, and improve the capability to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from threatened or actual natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or other man-made disasters.

Furthermore, Emergency Management involves plans, structures, and arrangements established to engage the normal endeavors of government, voluntary and private agencies in a comprehensive and coordinated way to respond to the whole spectrum of emergency needs.

⇒ What is Emergency Management?

The ultimate goal of an emergency management plan is to provide a data-driven framework that helps communities recognize and reduce vulnerabilities.

Moreover, cope with the aftermath of a disaster, and further develop disaster response plans. So, The Importance of Emergency Management platforms is important in pandemic situations.

♦ Data Disaster and Pandemic

Big data in disaster management uses the analysis of information gathered from an affected community in real-time to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

♦ Mitigation process

The long-term, sustained activities and strategies are designed to reduce and prevent disaster risk by identifying potential hazards and their relationship to communities and public safety.

However, there are Five phases of Emergency Management that are important approaches.

♦ Preparedness and Development

Actions are undertaken when mitigation efforts have failed, such as the development of an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that addresses identified risks and minimizes the impact of disasters, recruitment and training.

However, emergency management coordinators and personnel, identification of emergency management resources, and designation of emergency facilities.

» Response

The activities immediately following an emergency in which emergency management service providers focus on decreasing life-threatening conditions, providing life-sustaining aid, and halting further infrastructure damage.

Furthermore, the use of geodetic and real-time disaster management data analytics platforms speeds up the modeling process, enabling quick visualization of data and model scenarios.

» Recovery

The recovery phase of the disaster management cycle assesses the damages after an emergency occurs and contributes to the rebuilding process, educating people, and developing better disaster prevention practices.

♦ Capacity for Emergency Management

The capacity for emergency management and response personnel includes all of the physical, institutional, social, or economic resources, as well as leaders, and managers.

Moreover, personnel in a community, society, or organization can reduce the risks or effects of a disaster.

» Physical and communication

It includes available equipment, modes of communication, available existing infrastructure and water sources, irrigation, engineers, and construction workers.

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» Social Media Program

It refers to interpersonal and intrapersonal links in the community, and the ability and willingness of people in the community to respond to natural disasters, e.g. volunteer organizations.

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♦ Economic Development

It is the income, savings, production, business activities, and availability of jobs in a community‍.

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» Attitudinal

This refers to the ability of members of a community to embrace collectivism and to work together despite differences for the mutual benefit of the entire community.

♦ Examples of emergency management

For instance, posting emergency telephone numbers, holding disaster drills, and installing smoke detectors are all preparedness measures.

However, other examples include identifying where you would be able to shelter your animals in a disaster. And Artificial Intelligence labs are one of the basic methodologies.

» Theoretically Working

Theory must also incorporate principles such as disaster prevention, preparedness, and improvisation. It is also recommended. Machine Learning algorithms use for management programs.

Furthermore, the needs of special populations are taken into consideration, and an exploration of political and economic marginalization is given.

♦ Family Emergency Communication

• Create a list of all cell, work, and home numbers, and e-mail addresses of all family members.

• Discuss a plan if a family member becomes ill and lives out of state.

• Prepare for the possibility that airports and roads may be closed and think about a location to meet when travel is possible.

♦ Plan for a pandemic

• Ask your doctor and insurance company if you can get an extra supply of your regular prescription drugs.

• Keep cleaning supplies at home to adequately clean any potentially contaminated surfaces. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the amalgamation.

» Limit the spread of germs and prevent infection

• Teach your family and friends how to wash hands frequently with soap and water/gel hand sanitizer, and model correct behavior.

• Teach your family and friends about fever control and taking their temperature.

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» An extended stay at home in Emergency Situation

Examples of food and non-perishables:

• Ready-to-eat canned meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, beans, and soups

• Protein or fruit bars

• Dry cereal or granola

• Peanut butter or nuts


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