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We specialize in encryption and other technology solutions but, unlike our competitors, we employ a revolutionary, patented dual encryption technique that has never been penetrated. Our non-linear, elliptical curve encryption technology meets US military standards for the transmission of Top-Secret level information. This allows our customers to enjoy a flawless user experience tailored to their needs with the confidence that their private information is protected to the highest standard available anywhere in the world. This is what separates Six Industries from every other technology vendor here today.

Six Industries Inc Mission Statement

Protect Your Organization

All-in Solution

Our experts are providing and planning 24/7 technical support services with product and security consultation

Product Consultation:

We wrote it, we know it, and we've used it. Flexible to any business size or model, we'll help you most effectively get the right fit for your needs, keep you secure, and allow you to grow in the future. We believe solutions define product, not the other way around.


Security Consultation

Security is everything, and everyone needs to review it. We've walked into "secure" sites that we've cracked wide open in less than 10 minutes. Let us help you not be a statistic, but a role model with an in depth, wall to wall, top to bottom review.


24/7 Technical Support

We've got your back. If something goes wrong, we're here to help. With options for scalable support up to 24/7, we're capable of spinning up services to make sure you're covered - round the clock, all week long.


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